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Here's a list of the best destinations for adventure sports in India & Abroad.

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Forts And Palaces

What do you get when you combine Rajput and Mughal architecture? You get forts and palaces. Majestic, stunning and imposing, they tell stories of valour, bravery and struggle. Symbols of a bygone era these monuments are proof of advanced architectural skills and the capability to create massive structures without the use of any modern construction equipment or technology. Each fort with its palaces has an impressive history that is waiting to be discovered many times over. Built on hilltops, standing amidst an endless desert or perched on an island in a lake these imposing structures vary from each other with their own individual charm and charisma.

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Tribal Orissa

If we talk about the tribal way of life, then Orissa is one of the most fascinating destinations. Known for its scenic beauty and unique cultural heritage, Orissa is synonymous with tribes and tribal culture. Of all the states of India, Orissa has the largest number of tribes, as many as sixty two. Time seems to have stopped in their sylvan hamlets. Their ways of living with meagre needs of food, shelter and clothing and the joy through music and dance seem to have remained unaltered through the ages of social evolution. The sacred God-nature-man relationship that works among them is an amazing experience to the rest of the world.

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