How to explore Nepal if you're not into hiking?

Sat 28 May 2016, by Graham


Our first full day in Kathmandu was spent visiting the city centre. It felt quite incredible suddenly being exposed to the sights and noise of the city; a complete contrast to the peacefulness of Bhutan where we’d just been.

I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the chaos of Durbar Square knowing that at our private guide knew where we were going; it meant I could just relax and enjoy looking around.

Our main stop was Boudhanath Stupa, a gigantic temple complex on the top of a hill, one of Nepal’s holiest sites. We loved walking around the shrines to different gods and seeing monkeys flinging themselves from rooftop to treetop and back again. The whole area was covered in prayer flags which made everything so colourful and vibrant.


From here we continued on to Bhaktapur, a town just outside Kathmandu founded in the medieval period, which enjoys traffic-free streets. There are some impressive buildings here, but I enjoyed wandering the markets and seeing all the fresh fruit, as well as hiding from the sun in local bars, and trying the local beer - something that we couldn’t really do in Bhutan. - See more at:


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