India and Bhutan

Delhi – Bagdogra – Darjeeling – Gangtok – Phuentsholing – Thimpu – Punakha – Paro – Kolkata (Calcutta)

16 days / 15 nights

Bhutan is as close as you can get to that mythical Shangri-La! Nestling in the mighty Himalayas, this small country remained secluded for long and opened up only recently. A Buddhist kingdom, it is a land of monasteries and fortresses, rising from subtropical plains and soaring up steep mountains and valleys. The country measures its wellbeing not in the ubiquitous GDP but a new concept of GNH – Gross National Happiness. Discover this land which lies on the border with the Indian state of Sikkim where your journey really begins.

India is the natural gateway to Bhutan, with easy access from the sub-tropical plains in the south. Get a peek into what makes Bhutan unique, enjoy nature’s bounty and discover a way of life that is being preserved so beautifully. Bhutan is deeply conscious of environmental issues and is the world’s first carbon neutral country if not carbon negative. In India, you visit the hill towns of Darjeeling and Gangtok, each with their own culture, history and way of life.

At a glance

  • Visit a tea estate in Darjeeling
  • Get to see Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, weather permitting, at sunrise
  • Ride the "Toy Train", one of the engineering marvels of the world
  • Visit Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim
  • Travel to the famous and oft photographed Taktsang Monastery, also called Tiger's Nest, in Bhutan
  • Discover the importance of the ‘dzong’ or fortress in Bhutan
  • Enjoy the easy pace of life in Bhutan
  • Acquaint yourself with the variety of colonial legacies in and around the city of Kolkata, formerly called Calcutta

The mountains have had a mystic magic over humans and it does not get any better than the mighty Himalayas. You spend most of your time in the mountains, during this tour, beginning with the ‘hill station’ of Darjeeling with its British colonial imprint to the serene monasteries in Sikkim before moving on to Bhutan, the focal point.

There is adventure during this trip, what with long drives in the mountains. There is culture, first in India then in Bhutan. There is tea in Darjeeling. There is serenity in Sikkim. There is a relaxed way of life in Bhutan. On the whole, this is a tour that offers variety with a capital.

Location Map

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