Swim in the aquamarine waters of the Maldives, sip a cocktail and enjoy world-class cuisine.

The Maldives encompass more than 99 % of the sea and less than 1 % of the land. The 99 % of the sea is home to one of the most diverse marine treasures of the world. Less than 1 % of the land is a masterpiece in natural landscaping.

It follows then that most of the activities here are water based. Thanks to the clear, azure seas around, diving and snorkelling are high up on the list followed by surfing.

Or, simply relax on the white beaches by crystal clear waters and enjoy this amazing tropical wonderland. With around ninety odd resorts across the atolls, for that is what the Maldivian islands actually are, there is always room for another visitor or two to the Maldives.

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