How does one describe Nepal? Landlocked between China and India, Nepal rises from the Gangetic plains of the Terai to Himalayan heights, encompassing a world of mystery and adventure betwixt.

Adventure lovers, nature buffs, culture aficionados, serenity seekers and travellers of all kinds have found their own Nepal in some corner of the country.

While the mountaineering and trekking bit needs no introduction, there are places waiting to be discovered yet. Upper Mustang is one example, with permit based entry. Geographically a part of the Tibetan plateau, this land gives you the experience the way of life of true mountain people, who were not much in touch with the rest of Nepal for hundreds of years.

An elephant safari in search of the one-horned rhinoceros or the Royal Bengal tiger is an exhilarating experience in one of the national parks. In addition, there is avian fauna with over 850 species and, for butterfly lovers, fabulous destinations to see Great Orange Tips, Purple Sapphire Circles, Oakblues or common Brimstones.

The three layers of the country are home to a variety of people, with the famed Sherpas in the Himalayan region. The mid hills have many hill tribes distinct from the Sherpas while the Terai flatlands is home to the Tharus and Madhesis, closer to the cultures of the Gangetic plains of north India.

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